Friday, March 11, 2011

Epic 1000 Year Earthquake Hits Japan

I'm still reeling at the news of the devastation caused the the strongest earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history  News of the 8.9 point earthquake, 30 feet Tsunami and 7+ point after shocks devasting the country overwhelm the media.  Death toll at over 1000 dead.

I first saw the news when picking up my feed at

They have stunning pictures from In Focus at the Atlantic, with Alan Taylor

Some of his epic footage below.

More epic photos at the Globe and Mail.

Here is an eyewitness description from a local teacher. Entire story at Reddit.

I was just about to prepare for a 3:30 class (i'm a teacher) when the thing hit. All of us int he office looked at each other, seeing who would take the initiative. Then I remembered everything I was taught, all the drills and so on. I went towards the door to hold it open, making sure it didn't trap us in. A colleague then held the other door open, the one leading to the field. But the quake kept getting stronger and stronger. One of the guys in the office ran out the door and into the field - i followed. Once i got to the field i was expecting it to stop, but it didn't it just kep getting stronger and stronger. It was very difficult to stand, and you could even see the buildings around you swaying from side to side.

The kids were evacuated and asked to sit down in the middle of the field, which they did - no casualties, no problems at all. I noticed that the kids were having fun and it was us grownups who were scared shitless. Parents started arriving, and all the while we are still feeling strong aftershocks. Today i saw more parents crying that kids.

The quake and subsequent tsunami also caused a giant whirlpool. You can see how big it is by checking out the size of the boat caught in it.

This was spotted floating out in the Pacific Ocean

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