Monday, February 28, 2011

Epic Wolves in the Flesh!

Have you ever seen a real, live wolf ? Not in zoo, behind an enclosure, but up close and in your face?

If I had to choose a totem animal, the wolf wouldn't be my first choice. I don't consider myself a wolf person.  But I guess I've had wolf on the brain ever since I read White Fang as a kid.

To me, White Fang was like Conan the Barbarian of the canine world. Swift! Savage! An unrivaled killer who crushes his enemies, drives them before him and hears the lamentations of their . . . owner.

Ok, maybe he was more like the Bruce Lee of the wolf world; unmatched; undefeatable. White Fang has got to be the most badass fighter this side of Wolverine.

Then, there is also Kavik the Wolf Dog, another epic dog-wolf tale about a Siberian Husky / wolf mix who ends up running with wolves in the cold, rugged, wild.  Kavik survives a plane crash that strips him of his courage.  But, like a hot ember of an almost dead fire, his courage roars back to life, stoked by the vicious, remorseless, untamed wilderness, the challenge from a ferocious rival and the clash of bloody fangs!  Kavik's tale is remininscent of White Fang, only . . . just a few notches down on the pyscho scale.

Finally, who hasn't heard of the Epic Three Wolves t-shirts, whose wearers claim, will grant them infinitesimal cosmic powers, supreme animal magnetism, mystic karma and a host of other wondrous abilities.  Such power is not to be treated lightly, as one unfortunate soul discovered. His wife bought a 3 Wolves t-shirt for his brother and she ended up leaving him . . . for the brother!  With over 1900 reviews, there must be something to this.

Wolves were always associated with remote, rugged wilderness. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that we can actually see and interact with them at the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary!

At Wolf Mountain Sanctuary you can make schedule a visit with the wolves for an hour, a half day, or a full day.  Prices start at $25 for the hour visit. Visitors are encouraged to bring treats but please check their website as only certain treats, such as "Frozen Turkey Drumsticks"!  Knucklebones/soup bones, or dog bones from Costco are allowed.

All this time that I've been reading about wolves, I've only seen their likeness on the cover illustration.  This doesn't do them any justice! Check out the real wolves of Wolf Mountain Sanctuary.  They are gorgeous!  WMS doesn't allow people to display their photos without permission, so you'll have to click on their link.  It's worth it.  I never realized how magnificent wolves are. They're also huge. In fact, no one under 5'4 is allowed.  Now, I can see why they are such successor predators.

I'm taking a trip out there the first chance I get, which is after my son reaches the minimum height requirement and won't be mistaken for lunch.  The Wolves of Wolf Mountain Sanctuary definitely Inspire Me!

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